Hydraulic Airless Paint & Texture Sprayers RUNNER

Airless Paint & Texture Sprayers

RUNNER Hydraulic Airless Paint & Texture Sprayers

RUNNER hydraulic airless texture & paint sprayers, cover a wide range of coating materials,

ideal for medium to large contractors that are looking to get the most out of their airless sprayer.

Proven hydraulic operation & VEZOS hard chromed slow stroke pump, combined with cost effective accessories, is the best choice to get the job done.

RUNNER sprayers are equipped with VEZOS direct immerse hydraulic pumps,

specially designed for heavy & thick materials,

no cogging due to large sized fluid passages,

enabling the pump to work under high pressure for the roughest jobs.  

 honda-engine vezos


  • Materials

Elastomeric coatings


Latex/ Stucco paste


Water based paints

Block & spraying fillers

Premixed plaster / texture

Drywall mud

Solvent based paints



  • Unique Features

260 - 330 bar working pressure

Hydraulic operation

Hard chromed pump

Built-it filter

Convertible power kits

T.C.S. Cooling system

Adjustable pressure

Industrial6 ply tires

Large hydraulic oil tank

Slow stroke pump

Upright & Compact design



  • Applications

Interior / exterior

residential coating

Housing construction

Commercial sites coating

Waterproof applications

Roof coatings

Bridge coatings

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Industry’s first adaptable line striping kit. Simple, cleaver & cost efficient! Transform your airless paint sprayer into a line striper, in seconds, without the cost of an additional sprayer.

All conversions & transformation take seconds, don't need any tools and most important save time & money !