Hydraulic Paint Sprayers DURA HC

Hydraulic Paint Sprayers

DURA HC Hydraulic Paint Sprayers

DURA HC range of airless spraying equipment, matches up reliability & productivity for medium to large size contracting projects. DURA HC Hydraulic airless sprayers are equipped with VEZOS - Black Pump Series - a hydraulic slow stroke pump with proven excellence over the years, eliminating classic electric sprayers disadvantages that cause downtimes while on the job.

  • Unique Features

Introducing hydraulic power to mid range

High flow & standard series

Tunnel cooling technology (VEZOS)

Direct immerse pump or suction input

Upright & compact design

No electronic controls, hydraulic operation

177/230 bar working pressure

High working pressure - more productivity

Heavy duty airless paint sprayer

No downtimes due to often service

  • Materials

Elastomeric coatings




Water based paints

Block fillers

Premixed plaster / texture

Drywall mud

Solvent based paints

Spraying fillers

  • Applications

Medium to large interior coating

Medium to large exterior coating

Heavy duty applications

Industrial coatings

Maintenance jobs

airless hose VEZOS


Airless Paint Sprayer DURA HC

Sprayer Type Standard Standard  High Flow    High Flow  
Part Number    24.1105010    24.1105014    24.1105012    24.1105016
Max. Pressure  230 bar/3350 psi  230 bar/3350 psi   177 bar/2600 psi   177 bar/2600 psi
Max. Flow Delivery     5.9 lit/min    7.5 lit/min    7.6 lit/min    10.1 lit/min
Power    3 hp    4 hp    3 hp    4 hp
Motor  230 volt electric  230 volt electric 230 volt electric 230 volt electric


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