Deck Scarifier - Deck Scalers Pro250G

SKU: 23.1004329  /  Product Availability: Yes  /   Manufacturer: VEZOS

deck scarifier progrid 250 g vezos

VEZOS deck scarifiers are the best choice due to their tough construction, high productivity & proven technology in the marine industry.
The ProGrind head cutter is located in the front of the unit, leaving the less possible untreated surface and reaching close to the edge of the surface.
Changeable cutting tools can be adjusted to the ProGrind 250, such as chisels, cutting stars, brushes & diamond cutters, depending on the application use.
ProGrind 250 scarifier have an adjustable height regulator, changing the cutting depth.

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Deck Scarifier ProGrind 250 G

Part number 23.1004329
Dimensions 60*110*115cm
Weight 90 kg
Engine 5.5 hp Gas Honda GX
Working Width Track  250mm
Cutter Head Chisels/Brushes



VEZOS has been manufacturing deck descaling machines since 1970, offering marine equipment to all major Mediterranean shipping companies for five decades. Over the years and with the knowhow of the industry, VEZOS has developed its ProGrind deck scalers range, now available in electric, petrol & pneumatic.

VEZOS deck scalers are ideal for removal of rust, scale, adhesives & paint from steel surfaces preparing the deck for re-coating.

ProGrind – Deck descaling units

progrind surface scarifiers vezos - deck scalers vezos


VEZOS ProGrind scarifiers are designed for high productivity due to the heavy duty construction of the equipment and interchangeable drums, located in the front of the unit, leaving the less possible untreated surface and reaching close to the edge of the surface. 


·         Electric / Gas / Pneumatic

·         3 phase – 1 phase

·         Working width 120mm – 250mm

·         Powerful motor / Honda engine

·         Adjustable working height

·         Interchangeable cutting drum  

ü  Chains

ü  Cutters

ü  Wire brushes

ü  Beam cutters

ü  Milling cutters

ü  Star cutters

ü  Tungsten carbide tipped cutters

ü  Diamond cutters


VEZOS has designed the ProGrind deck scarifier as a on piece frame - fully welded, avoiding joint loosening. Due to the closed double ball bearing system in each side of the cutting head, the ProGrind scarifier is industry’s most robust unit for all industrial & marine applications.

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