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DURA LC 320 is ideal for renovations and house painting projects. Mid range contractors, can take advantage of VEZOS latest airless hydraulic models, providing everyday reliability with an airless paint sprayer especially designed for them. DURA LC series is the first light coating hydraulic airless sprayer, 1.2 hp with an outstanding 2” stroke pump, equipped with extreme size inlets for accurate pumping.

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DURA LC airless paint sprayers, are ideal for all types of internal and external paint coating applications. Due to VEZOS innovative hydraulic technology, it is now possible to get the maximum performance out of a small spray.


icon Hydraulic operation

icon Stand & High Cart version

icon 2” pump stroke

icon 1.2 horsepower motor

icon No broken electronic parts

icon Increased material per spray

icon No power fluctuations

icon 30% less material loss

icon Adjustable pressure




Part Number 24.2206022
Max Working Pressure 230 bar/3350 psi
Max Flow Delivery 2.3 lit/min - 0.60 gpm
Max Tip Size 0.025 in
Power 1.2 hp
Motor 230 volt electric
Pump 2" stroke length
Cart Heavy duty
Dimensions 44*35*45 cm
Weight 27 kg



  stand300 320-stand 350-stand
Part Number 24.2216020 24.2206022 24.2216023
Max Pressure 230 bar/3350 psi 230 bar/3350 psi 230 bar/3350 psi
Max Flow Delivery 2 lit/min-0.54 gpm 2.3 lit/min-0.60 gpm 2.6 lit/min-0.70 gpm
Max Tip Size 0.023 in 0.025 in 0.027 in
Power 1 hp 1.2 hp 1.5 hp
Motor 230 volt electric 230 volt electric 230 volt electric
Pump 2" stroke  2" stroke 2" stroke 
Cart H/D H/D H/D
Weight 27 kg 27 kg 28 kg




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