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Airless Paint Sprayers DURA LC

Airless Paint Sprayers


DURA LC Hydraulic Paint Sprayers

  • Why Hydraulic - Advantages?

Tough operation regardless power source

Professional heavy duty machinery

No downtimes, due to often service

Cost effective, no expensive controls

Less service due to tough construction

Increased productivity

Large material inlets, no material clogging

Long life operation

Splash resistant

airless paint sprayers vezos sprayers

DURA LC airless paint sprayers are the first hydraulic light and medium coating airless sprayers, designed especially for everyday painting jobs and intended for professional working in the constructions harsh environment that need more out of their equipment.

  •  Unique Features

No electronics! DURA sprayers are hydraulically operated, eliminating common downtime due to damages electronic controls.

2” Hyper Stroke paint pump, 150% increased stroke length compared to competition.

1-1.5 horsepower hydraulic paint sprayer

Up to 30% less loss due to high pulsation

Heavy duty features in a small package

Built in filter & pressure gauge for best monitoring while operating  

Increased material per spray

  •  Applications

Light commercial painting

Small - medium touch up jobs

Exterior / interior house painting

Property maintenance

Medium to light jobs

Airless Paint Sprayer DURA LC

Sprayer Type Stand/ High Cart Stand/ High Cart  Stand/ High Cart 
Part Number    24.2206020    24.2206022    24.2206023
Max. Pressure  230 bar/3350 psi  230 bar/3350 psi   230 bar/3350 psi
Max. Flow Delivery     2.0 lit/min    2.3 lit/min    2.6 lit/min
Power    1 hp    1.2 hp    1.5 hp
Motor  230 volt electric  230 volt electric 230 volt electric


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Runner Hydraulic Paint & Texture Sprayer is a professional heavy duty airless sprayer, with an upright design, for easy transportation and access to any job site.

Easy to change convertible power kits, allow it's user to change the power source in seconds, without any use of extra tools.

Runner Max & Pro Airless Sprayers are appropriate for interior and exterior applications.

Texture, paint, primers, acrylics, latex, drywall mud, elastomeric coatings and stucco paste are a few of the most common materials used with the VEZOS RUNNER AIRLESS SPRAYERS.

Professional contractors and painters can change the power method, depending on the job site's need, so with a simple gas or engine kits, the Runner Sprayer can provide a on the spot power change without any tools needed.

T.C.S. Technology (Tunnel Cooling System) ensures correct cooling to the whole unit, allowing the Runner Hydraulic Sprayer to perform under the correct temperate throughout the entire job.

All RUNNER Hydraulic Paint and Texture Sprayers are complete with 15 meters of paint hose and spray gun.

Available in two series RUNNER Max and RUNNER Pro.

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