Deck Scarifier - Deck Scalers Pro120E

SKU: 23.1004330  /  Product Availability: Yes  /   Manufacturer: VEZOS

PROGRIND PG120 scarifier is a mini version walk-behind de-scaler with a 120mm working width track ideal for smaller de-rusting areas around the vessel. Choose between VEZOS interchangeable cutting drums such as chisels, chains, stars & brushes.

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VEZOS has been manufacturing deck descaling machines since 1970, offering marine equipment to all major Mediterranean shipping companies for five decades. Over the years and with the knowhow of the industry, VEZOS has developed its PROGRIND deck scalers range, now available in several editions and interchangeable cutting drums, ideal for removal of rust, scale, adhesives & paint from steel surfaces preparing the deck for re-coating.

VEZOS ProGrind scarifiers are designed for high productivity due to the heavy duty construction of the equipment and interchangeable drums, located in the front of the unit, leaving the less possible untreated surface and reaching close to the edge of the surface.

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PROGRIND Advantages

Interchangeable drums
1 scarifier - 6 drum cutters
Each surface needs its own cutting tools, VEZOS PG models allow you to choose between chisels, chains, brushes, star - steel & TCT cutters.

Self-tightening drums
While working the PG scarifier self-tightens the cutting tools on the drum, this procedure eliminates loose cutters & worn tools.

Adjustable track width
PROGRIND scarifiers are offered in 3 working width dimensions - 120, 200 & 250mm. But don't let this stop you by altering the working track of your drum depending on the applications needs, its as easy as 1-2-3.

Adjustable height
An easy to work leaver placed at the top of the unit allows you to adjust the cutting depth Drum inspection cover No need to tip the unit upside down to check your cutting tools and drum, this top right inspection cover lets you take a close inspection on the spot.

Production per hour
Take advantage of VEZOS multiple drums and gain a 40 m2 /hour production rate with our chain drum or ask for a consultation per job with a selection of cutters.

Detachable handle
Deck scarifiers are weight assisted units, but when it comes down to shipping the unit off to the vessel VEZOS has designed a detachable handle allowing the entire unit to fix on a small pallet (60 x 80 x 60cm height).