Road Marking Controller SkipLine

SKU: 77.5118101  /  Product Availability: Yes  /   Manufacturer: VEZOS

Line Striper Hydraulic Prostripe 400

The RoadMaster progressive controller has an easy to use operation menu, allowing its user to monitor, measure and pattern lines ideal for each road striping project.


VEZOS teams up with the industry’s leading road line controller developers, in order to offer its clients the top of the line monitors for long line road marking applications. Skip Line is a USA company, with 40 years of experience in the industry.


Road Marking Controller

Skip Line Controller

 road marking controller SkypLine  

Color pattern previewer

Large digit speed display

Rugged toggle switches

Paint application rate

4 Paint & Bead guns

Time & distance based delays

Advance/retard w auto cycle

Datum point

Single mid-dot


    - Counter channels

    - Guided calibration procedures

    - Internal motion pulse multiplier

    - Audible warning system

    - Pattern index on paint or gap

    - Lifetime pump totals

    - Switch test diagnostic tool

    - Audio/visual help tutorials

   Monitor easily your day to day operations and take advantage
   of the controllers main screen during striping operations.
Road marking controllers VEZOS
   A quick setup menu, allows operators to enable or disable
   many features that may be used during day to day operations.
VEZOS road marking controllers
   Innovative skip-line pattern preview screen provides a preview of the current
   pattern that will be emitted from the guns.
   Gun colors are shown on the preview, helping the operator see clearly
   which guns will be counting towards application rates.
road marking skipline controller VEZOS
   Monitor your speed in large, high contrast digits for easy operating viewing.
   Average wet thickness calculations are shown below the speed.