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Drywall Telescopic Sander Ergo Smart

SKU: 23.1006999  /  Product Availability: Yes  /   Manufacturer: VEZOS

Ergo Wall Sander

When the VEZOS design team, produced the first ERGO wall sander, the choice of the name came naturally.
Based on ergo, meaning job. Getting the job done is the bottom line of each end user. An affordable wall sander, ergonomically designed in order to keep the cost low.
The Ergo is a classic wall sander, available for both professional contractors but also includes such an easy maintenance system that a DIY user can easily work on his project with ease.
Ergo wall sander has an ergonomic design, for better balance of the tool.Compact size at 1300mm with an optional retractable extension of 45cm, transforming the sanders lenght to 1740mm.
Powered with a strong motor and fully welded aluminium main body, this wall sander, has proudly joined the VEZOS range.

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Drywall Sander - Wall And Ceiling Sander

Part number 23.1006999
Ergo classic edition Ergo Smart
Sander line Classic line
Sanding type Classic
Rated power 750 watt
Voltage 220/110 volt
Speed r.p.m 550-1350
Drive cable 8mm
Power cable 5m
Weight 4.5 kg
Overall length 130 - 174 cm
Working height 294 cm



Package Includes

Part number 23.1006999
Ergo class edition 1 piece
Retractable ext. 45 cm 1 piece
Transportation case Optional
Grip on handle Optional
Vacuum connector 32 mm 1 piece
Vacuum connector 38 mm Optional
Vacuum hose 32 mm Optional




Wooden floor
Pop corn removing



Ergo wall & ceiling sander by VEZOS

Ergo wall and ceiling sander has is an adjustable length sander suitable for drywall, stucco and painted surfaces. The Ergo sander allows its user to adjust the length of the tool, transforming the length from 1300mm to 1740mm by simply expanding the hidden away retractable extension. Gain instant working height while sanding walls and ceilings at the building site.

Ergo sander, is categorized under VEZOS complete sanding solutions range (drywall ) this wall and ceiling sander has a powerful 750watt motor with a long cable and speed selection.

Ergo wall and ceiling sander is recommended for professional use as its main body is manufactured entirely out of aluminum, ensure long life durability.

Ergo = Ergonomic

Ergo wall and ceiling sander balances its weight on any length and allows its user to get a perfect grip of the wall sander due to its soft grip kit, located on two main parts of the body, also a custom made handle can be connected at any part of the sander.

Ergo wall & ceiling sander working height

Tool length 1300mm, working height 2500mm

Tool length 1740mm, working height 2940mm

When it comes down to innovation VEZOS always manages to offer the construction industry, new technology, new solutions and new trends. Therefor the new Ergo sander, has the best power to weight ratio in market! Yes, check this out when thinking of purchasing your new drywall sander. What matters the most, is the sanders weight? Is it the sanders power? VEZOS points out that it’s the power to weight ratio that really counts! Ergo wall & ceiling sander, offers a 0.181 kw/kg, so compare this to other brands in the sanding industry. Low weight and high power is the solution.

Ergonomic designed wall, drywall & ceiling sander by VEZOS.