Think different.Think strong!

Think different.Think strong!


Telling the story

VEZOS was founded in 1970, designing and manufacturing pneumatic pumps for the marine and industrial market.

Over the years and under second generation management, VEZOS group expanded its manufacturing line offering innovative products to the contracting and road marking industries. 

Today, VEZOS has a well organized distribution network around the globe, offering solutions & cost effective products.

The brand – Going beyond the products.


VEZOS motto: “Think Different. Think Strong” is not just a cleaver phrase, it is the brand’s honesty.

Each product that is designed MUST offer a difference to the user, it MUST be innovative and cost effective to the industry.

VEZOS design team has an aim, an aim to differ from the competition with solutions that will define the brands unique character, this  can only be accomplished by offering innovative solutions and the strongest units in the industry.

VEZOS "Think Different. Think Strong!"


Innovation Timeline

2006       First Worldwide Drywall Sander with Gripping / Suction effect.

2007       VEZOS wins French International Prize “Best Innovative Product of The Year”                          

2014       Innovative Multi Set Up Drywall Sander - 7 Meters Working Height

2015       New Generation Hydraulic Airless Sprayers with universal unique features:

·         Highest pressure, in its category 260 bar

·         First ever Upright Design & Compact Structure

·         VEZOS unique T.C.S. Technology

2016       VEZOS introduces the “Transform Concept” Transforming applications with smart accessories

2016       “Best Power To Weight Ratio Drywall Sander” the lightest 750watt sander in the market

2016       Transform Concept R-LinePack” first worldwide airless spray to line striper transformation kit

2017       “Revolutionary Line Striping Range” unique features by VEZOS :

·         FlipDrive, double ride option - “ Transform Concept”

·         Easy Gun Selector, featured control

·         Revolutionary Motion Control

·         On the Go, Pattern Selection 

·         Foldable Chasse

·         Disk Lock Brake System

·         XXL Front Wheel

2017       Vezos introduces its first "High Flow" Airless Texture Sprayer Range.



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