Think different.Think strong!

Think different.Think strong!

New dry wall sander Handysand Auto 2

New drywall sander by VEZOS – Handysand Auto 2 Working Height 7 meters!

This September VEZOS released it latest invention, its new dry wall sander, the Handysand Auto 2.

How to sand a seven meter wall without any scaffolding?

The Handysand Auto 2 has the solution.
Simply add the Combo line extensions to your wall sander. Each main extension provides the tool an extra 65cm length. The Handysand Auto 2 XL Edition includes two main extensions plus a retractable extension of 45cm.
By using 6 extensions you now can reach over seven meters height. The ARS Auto regulated suction will allow the wall sander to push itself against the surface, adjusting automatically the necessary suction force.

Save on time and effort. No scaffolding needed anymore. The Handysand Auto 2 will provide you with numerous solutions.

One tool amazing potentials

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