Think different.Think strong!

Think different.Think strong!


Choosing the right airless sprayer for my business:

Industry’s first High-Flow Hydraulic Airless Sprayer 3 & 4 HP

High flow rate, extreme productivity 10.1 l/m



Must have features

  • Medium range airless sprayer
  •  Cost effective
  •  Hydraulic power
  •  Extreme delivery flow rate
  •  Heavy duty characteristics in a medium range unit
  •  No power current fluctuations
  •  Outstanding productivity / cost ratio
  •  Simultaneous operators

When purchasing a VEZOS airless sprayer, contractors expect hydraulic power and innovation on their sprayer. This is a promise that VEZOS fore fills every time, so expect no difference with the DURA High-Flow texture sprayers. Take advantage of the DURA High-Flow’s extreme  delivery flow, when high pressure is not needed. 



But when do you need a high flow airless sprayer?  When don't you need high pressure?                            

These are questions that commercial contractors know the answers to, as on a day to day basic they have to deal with productivity & flow issues. Lets analyze it a little better, for example  you have a contracting job that doesn't evolve high viscosity materials, your airless sprayer is located close to its users and the job you are tackling is a texture coating  project with a short delivery time.


Now you need productivity but don't forget quality results, so in this case you are looking for a strong powered sprayer, simultaneous users and a high flow delivery rate enabling you to work with a large tip size.
First thing that comes to your mind is for this sprayer to be hydraulically operated as you know that you are getting a strong machine, second your looking for the horsepower giving the unit the necessary power and last but not least you need the flow productivity to be outstanding.

Keeping in mind your job projects,
acquisition cost and market availability, you probably think that you are limited to an electric airless sprayer. Well that’s incorrect, VEZOS DURA High-Flow airless sprayer, has all the above facts combined in one unit.


ÞIndustry’s first high flow 3 and 4 HP hydraulic airless 

ÞOutstanding productivity / cost ratio

Þ177 bar working pressure @ 7.6 & 10.1 liters per min

ÞHeavy duty characteristics on a medium range airless sprayer

ÞOptional built-in filter

ÞUpright & compact design

ÞIdeal for coating large surfaces

ÞSimultaneous user operation 

ÞNo material clogging

ÞNo power fluctuations

ÞNo expensive electronic repair cost

ÞNo downtimes


Materials applied
Interior texture 
(orange peel, splatter, knockdown, 
level 5 coatings, skim & smooth coat)

Exterior texture 
(acrylic texture, elastomeric, synthetic stucco)
Block fillers
Premixed and/or  powdered plaster
Decorative plaster
Drywall mud


Average job size
Medium to large commercial jobs 
Continuous spraying jobs 
Large coating surfaces 
Texture exterior / interior contracting jobs
Occasional industrial coatings 
Everyday applications








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