Think different.Think strong!

Think different.Think strong!

Handysand self-gripping wall and ceiling drywall sander by VEZOS

VEZOS A.R.S. Technology, known as gripping effect sander, automatically adjusts the suction of the drywall sander depending on the surface. Transform popcorn or stipple ceilings to perfectly flat and modern surfaces, no dust as the Handysand wall/ceiling drywall sander connects to all vacuum collectors. Choose a professional, self-cleaning vacuum, in order to get the most out of your sander.

Handysand wall and ceiling drywall sander, is a self-gripping sander, with an active A.R.S. Technology (Auto regulated Suction) active throughout the sanding procedure. The Handysand drywall sander, first presented in 2007, managed to change the sanding industry with this new procedure of sanding. Over the years VEZOS offers innovative solutions to the construction market and new sanding technics.

Handysand Combo Line (Wall, Drywall & Ceiling Sander)

A multi-setup sander, Handysand can transform in length by simply adding or removing extensions. Starting off at 97cm and gradually achieving an amazing seven meters working height. No scaffolding involved, no wasting time & money, simply add main extensions to achieve the desired working height. Sanding ceilings used to be a difficult job; due to the Handysand A.R.S. Technology (Auto Regulated Suction) this worry is now in the past, the Handysand Hangs to the Ceiling! Yes, simply direct the wall sander and by gripping itself to the surface, sand without lifting any weight. A special wall/ceiling valve will indicate the sanders suction and provide the grip it needs depending on the surface. Soft grips and handles can be a helpful plus to the wall sander, giving its user a better grip to the tool. Handysand wall & ceiling sander connects to all brand vacuum cleaners (collectors). No technician required, simple, fast & secure connectors on all extensions, will allow you to transform the Handysand Combo sander in seconds. A retractable extension will offer that extra boost in height when sanding in narrow hallways with the Handysand's compact 97cm version.

Handysand wall, drywall and ceiling sander applications:

Drywall, Renovation, Texture, Wooden Floor, Popcorn removing, Paint, Plaster