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VEZOS - Truck mounted road marking system  - Spring Promo: €. 14.490 
One component or 2K cold-plastic marking material suitable models
VEZOS - Walk-behind hydraulic line striper  - Spring promo: €. 5.985 
HONDA GX engine + hydraulic operation
hydraulic-walkbehind-line striper-offer-vezos
Price Offer: €. 5.985
ProStripe 200 Basic
Price Offer: €. 14.490
RoadMaster RM B1

Line Striper ProStripe 200 Basic is contractor’s initial choice for parking lots & local roads striping. Equipped with VEZOS powerful slow stroke hydraulic pump, working at 240 bar pressure & an 6.5 lit/min flow. Due to a unique foldable chassis, the unit can be easily transported on any vehicle & stored away without taking up space. Extra stability with a large front swivel wheel and an improved anti-vibration system, ensuring perfect straight line no matter the surface.

Road Master truck mounted line striper can be adapted to any truck or trailer with 4 simple bolts. The entire road marking system is built as a one piece unit with a foldable chassis, making it possible for road marking contractors to easily connect the frame to their vehicle. VEZOS glass bead gravity technology and optional paint gun method, provides professional contractors a low cost option, ideal for their average striping jobs.

Part Number                           23.9000741
Model                         ProStripe 200 Basic
Type                           Hydraulic Operation 
Engine                                    HONDA GX
Power                                               4.8hp
Max working pressure                   225 bar
Max material flow                         7.5 l/min
Tip                                                   0.043"


Part Number                          77.2007511
Model                                     RM Basic 1
Type                                 Truck mounted
Engine                                   HONDA GX
Power                                              8.4hp
Max working pressure                  200 bar
Max material flow                        9.5 l/min
Gravity tech bead hopper 

Retractable bracket 
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