Think different.Think strong!

Think different.Think strong!


Contractor Equipment

Contractor Equipment VEZOS

VEZOS contractor equipment offers a complete range of hydraulic airless paint and texture sprayers, line striping kits, pneumatic pumps and drywall sanders wall & ceiling sanders.

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Line Striping Equipment

Line Striping Equipment Vezos

Innovative line striping solutions, walk behind stripers & self-propelled marking units with a unique double ride seat system, powered with Honda engines. Sign up for VEZOS 6 year warranty plan.

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Marine - Industrial Equipment

Marine Industrial Equipment Vezos

Offering marine solutions since 1970, VEZOS air operated airless pumps ensure continuous and stable material flow, under the highest working pressure. Deck scarifiers for surface preparation & rust removal.

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Think different. Think strong!


"...VEZOS motto is focused on our brand’s products and innovation, by offering the market a different and innovative solution with each product designed and manufactured by our team. Innovation is VEZOS aim; each product has been carefully evaluated in order to offer its users and the market a new technology and a new invention. We think different to the competition, we think out of the box and that is why the VEZOS products have changed the industry’s mentality over the years. Sanding with a gripping effect, achieving amazing working heights, tunnel cooling hydraulic systems, upright & compact airless designs are only a few of VEZOS innovations that are included in our portfolio. We think different, we think strong, as any product that we present to the market becomes a lifelong partner to its user...".

- Dimitris Vezos, Inventor

Drywall Sander

  • Wall sander
  • Ceiling sander
  • Dry wall sander
  • Dustless wall sander
  • Dustless drywall sander
  • Self-gripping sander
  • Electric sander
VEZOS manufactures and exports worldwide a complete range of drywall sanders, covering every contractors needs while sanding walls or ceilings. Choose between compact or XL length sanders, self-griping or classic sanding procedure drywall sander or even multi set-up drywall sanders.

Airless hydraulic paint sprayer

  • Texture paint sprayer
  • Paint sprayer
  • Convertible hydraulic sprayer
  • Heavy duty paint sprayer
  • Heavy duty plaster sprayer
  • Airless spraying
VEZOS Runner Hydraulic Sprayer is a new innovative airless hydraulic paint sprayer, with a compact design allowing painters and contractor to transport the airless unit easily to any construction site. No need to worry about a long and bulky hydraulic sprayer, VEZOS Runner hydraulic has come to change this and offer an upright airless sprayer that fits in any van or car and can easily move around the construction site.

Road marking machine

  • Line marking machine
  • Line marking airless machine
  • Line marking hydraulic machine
  • Road marking airless unit
  • Road marking airless hydraulic unit
VEZOS ProStripe road marking machine, is a hydraulic line striper suitable for parking lots, intersections, roadways, high-speed runways, malls, parks, big building sites and airport runways. Create perfect road markings and lines with definition, for demanding & heavy duty applications.